Waterflood Rejuvenation and Optimization

We are waterflood rejuvenation experts. We have rejuvenated 10 waterfloods of all types and sizes. In 2014 we restored injectivity and productivity to an old Alberta waterflood with over 300 wells. The multitude of waterflood experience we have accumulated over 30 years, including many years in the field, uniquely qualifies us to fix existing waterfloods. We have first hand experience with 100's of different waterflood problems. We have extensive experience on many formations: from less than a millidarcy to 6 Darcies of permeability. Using our proprietary, cost effective, elegantly simple but advanced techniques, we will quickly improve your existing waterfloods. We will increase the value of your existing waterflood by as much as 10 times, depending on the situation.

Designed, applied for approvals and implemented seven waterfloods. All were effective.

Acheived a 57% increase in oil production from a 45 year old waterflood.

Increased oil production by 25% on a 30+ year old Saskatchewan waterflood.

Developed a proprietary, cost effective technique to increase injection by up to 100 times on old injectors.

Tripled injection on a 40 year old waterflood. Limited only by source water availability.

Our innovative system provides lasting results: Large reserve increases, 30% to 1000% increases in production and a huge increase in value.

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