Production Optimization

Led a field based team that was responsible for 7000 BOPD and achieved a 25% increase in oil production - this was accomplished while cutting costs by 19%.

Managed a 400 well shallow gas unit for a senior producer. We were able to optimize this field for about $350,000. This optimization resulted in an additional 5 mmcfd (33% increase) and added 41.1 bcf. This increased the value of the property by over $100 million.

We have completed many assignments, one of the most compelling was a project with ExxonMobil. We achieved some exciting production increases for ExxonMobil. As seen on the attached graphs we were able to increase oil production substantially (in Unit 1 alone we increased oil production from 3400 bopd to 5350 bopd, an increase of 57% in 6 months). This resulted in almost doubling the cash flow of the property.

We were charged with formulating a development plan for the Battrum, SK fireflood property. We were given a six month contract to do this. In two weeks we had developed a strategy: shut in the air injection plant and convert the field to a simple, proven waterflood. The next several months were spent selling ExxonMobil and its partners on the benefits of this scheme. In five months the air plant was shut down after 36 years of injecting air into the reservoir. We then turned our attention to increasing the production from the property. As seen on the attached graphs we were able to increase production substantially. This was accomplished through a consistent focus on all aspects of the field operation.

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