At William Nichols Consulting, we have over 30 years of diverse experience in Petroleum Engineering and Advisory Services. We are Waterflood Rejuvenation experts. We are experienced in: Production, Reservoir, Acquisitions and Facilities Engineering. Areas of practice include: Unconventional Resource Development, Shale Gas and Shale Oil, Horizontal Multistage Fracturing, Waterflood Rejuvenation, SAGD, CSS, Oilsands, Waterflood Optimization and Liquids Rich Gas. We use a fast, easy, powerful approach to achieve superior performance.

Highlights include:

Developed a proprietary, cost effective, production enhancing technique for Waterflood Rejuvenation.

Tripled injection on a 45 year old waterflood which will result in a tripling of oil production once fill up occurs.

A 57% increase in oil production from a 45 year old waterflood. Click here to see graphs.

A key member of Acquisitions Teams for many oil companies resulting in $5.2 Billion in acquisitions.

A 33% increase in gas production from a 400 well shallow gas field. This increased the value of the field by $100 million.

Tripled production on a Bow Island, Alberta shallow gas field.

Operating cost reductions on virtually every field managed.

Field development plans that maximized value for oil and gas fields.

We can achieve similar results for you.

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